Graston Technique® Therapy

Graston Technique ®  Providers utilizing GT Therapy are often the top clinicians in their field. Health professionals must undergo extensive classroom studies along with highly monitored practical component to obtain their certificate.

GT Therapy incorporates the use six specifically designed stainless steel instruments to aid the clinician in the detection and treatment of soft tissue dysfunction.

It is an evidence-based method of instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization (IASTM), that is combined with rehabilitative exercises to improve musculoskeletal function.

What is IASTM?

Instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization:
The use of instruments to achieve effects and benefits of manual soft tissue mobilization.

– Active warm up (facilitating a therapeutic effect – optimizing blood flow)
– Instruments (create a controlled microtrauma to recorrect the inflammatory cascade)
– Stretching (to enhance mobilization and tissue extensibility)
– Strengthen (incorporating low load high rep, enhance the repair required by the tissue.)
– Ice (often achieved with Biofreeze – cooling the area to minimize inflammatory flare)

Benefits for Patients

– Quicker, improved outcomes.
– Faster return to function.
– Increased patient satisfaction.
– Decreased frustration (by providing additional solution to solving patient problems).
– Improved surgical outcomes via management of scar tissue.
– Patients feels abnormal tissue texture as the clinician does which tends to facilitate their involvement and interest in their treatment.

Potential Treatment Response:
– Pain/discomfort
– Petechiae/bruising

What to do if bruising occurs:
– This side-effect is temporary and will ultimately result in functional improvement.
– It is highly recommended that the patient continues icing and performing their home exercise program. The program is primarily focused on stretching to remodel the softened tissue.

kellie snook, ceo

Meet Our Owner & Founder - Kellie Snook:

Kellie is a Registered Massage Therapist, a Doctor of Osteopathy student and a competitive athlete who is a big advocate for getting movement right, from the onset.

With 3+ years of educational experience in the healthcare industry Kellie’s patients and clients range from high level athletes to 9-5 weekend warriors.

Understanding the needs of the individual, and the subsequent demands that a particular lifestyle imposes on each person, the cornerstone on which her clinical practice is built and provides the guidance for her to provide the best care, to everyone.

Kellie is very involved with the strength and nutrition community as a health professional, athlete and coach. Her level of care and intuitive nature sets herself apart from the rest.

Patient Reviews

Emily M.

"When I went to see Kellie for massage treatment she listened to my concerns and was very thorough.

Kellie explained everything to me that she was doing and provided encouragement along the way which was greatly appreciated.

Her knowledge about the human body and how its all connected helped me to understand. Thank you for your help."

Joe R.

"Friendly, polite and very professional, Kellie is an excellent massage therapist.

She is quite knowledgeable about her line of work and very skilled, particularly in use of the Graston technique.

Entirely satisfied with her work and would highly recommend her to anyone."

Karen D.

"I saw Kellie at one of my weakest moments. I had been in a car accident, and two months later tore my Achilles Tendon; I had a lot going on.

Not only did she take the time to get to know me, she explained what was happening to my body and developed a treatment plan that would get me back to my lifestyle.

Her knowledge, kindness, thoroughness, and ability to adjust to my needs, has set me on a path to recovery, that I wasn’t sure I would find. I’ve seen several massage therapists over the years.

Kellie has exceeded my expectations, and I look forward to continuing treatments with her."

Aaron H.

"I have been dealing with lower back pain ever since I stopped competing competitively in powerlifting.

After I started my treatments with Kellie, my pain has diminished and my ability to continuing training is where I want to be.

She took the time to understand my injury and provided a long-term plan so that I can get back to normal. Kellie is very knowledgeable in her field. You can also tell that she really cares and only wants the best for her patients.

I would highly recommend Kellie and look forward to a pain-free life!"

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